Is Administrative Support a Productivity Asset?


Administrative support plays an important role in keeping an office and its employees on track. A social media based survey by Staples showed two-thirds of the respondents believed that administrative assistants and administrative support are most relevant in keeping everyone and everything together in an office.

Administrative support includes a number of responsibilities, organizational tasks, and secretarial duties performed by administrative assistants, to make sure that the office operations keep running efficiently and effectively. This support then extends to the office employees, clients, and other stakeholders as well. When competently done, administrative support translates into smooth business operations, resulting in higher chances of success. As all departments and stakeholders are held together by the administrative department, professional administrative support is a productive asset for the company while the opposite is a liability.

Some industries require administrative staff to have specialized knowledge and skills, but generally administrative support requires a skillset which can be modified and scaled as per the needs of the business, manager, and office. Some of the baseline skills required for such support are:

Communication Skills


Communication skills are crucial for providing administrative support to a business. Oral and written interaction with vendors, team members and clients across several mediums make up a major share of administrative duties.

Therefore, it is very important that the administrative support personnel of your company are proficient in handling different forms of communication across different channels. They should be skilled in handling sensitive client and partner communication. With remote workforce becoming a norm, an administrative assistant should be able to effectively communicate with remote workers too. Additionally, in order to enhance the company productivity, they should be able to provide omnichannel communication support to in-house and remote team members, company operations, vendors and customers in the languages required by your business.

This comprises of every task related to:

Answering Telephones
Providing customer support
Handling client correspondence and client relations
Handling internal correspondence
Performing receptionist service

Technical Skills


Similarly, the administrative staff also needs to be adept at a number of technological tools to be a productive asset of the company, keeping the company up-to-date and managing documentation well. As businesses are going international and becoming technically diverse, these tasks could also include customer relationship management, managing customer support services, and acting as a virtual helpdesk, along with facilitating a remote workforce.

The administrative staff has to have a firm grasp of Microsoft Office, popular web browsers, computer software, and operating systems to perform their duties well and to support others in conducting business operations. Some basic skills necessary are listed below:

Data entry
Document management
Office records maintenance
Data input for CRM
Customer support services
Research and presentation
Office calendar maintenance
Video conferencing and voicemail setup
Virtual helpdesk

Organizational Skills


Administrative support services are the backbone of a business. The administrative staff needs to demonstrate strong organizational skills in performing their own duties and also to help provide an ordered working environment to the entire office. This involves creating and managing team schedules and events and maintaining a filing system that is convenient for all.

Office schedule management
Boss’ schedule management
Billing, filing and inventory
Events calendar management
Employee management
Task management
Employee leave and shift swaps management

Strategic Planning: Time and Resources


IdeasUnlimited has experienced professionals well-versed in handling various specialized softwares for the Finance & Investments Industry, some of which are:

Coordinating events, appointments and schedules
Making travel arrangements
Monitoring and supervising office operations
Managing client relations
Intermediation and negotiation skills
Planning and training
Managing employee relations

It is important to note that as the nature, goals and style of business change, the scope of these administrative support services also varies accordingly. A lot of services and ways of performing tasks have evolved over time owing to technological progress and globalization. Therefore, to make sure your administrative staff is helping you promote your business, it is crucial to hire the right staff that suits your business type.

IdeasUnlimited can take care of your hiring needs and provide you with dynamic and skilled administrative support and virtual personal assistant support services to manage correspondence, documents, schedules and staff.

Top Human Resource


In eight years of operations, we have streamlined our specially designed and all-inclusive recruitment, onboarding, and training process to ensure optimum skill development, complete reliability, and continued growth of our human capital.

IdeasUnlimited hires top human resource through an extensive recruitment process, manages them using a three-tier framework, and trains them regurlarly

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We manage the omnichannel customer experience to ensure seamless, personalized interactions that translate into greater brand loyalty.

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Our specialized personnel undergo rigorous selection and training to deliver the best quality service. Unlike other companies, with IdeasUnlimited you can choose the ‘voice of your company’ that you want your customers to hear!

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Our vast experience with clients from all over the world and divergent industries equips us with the skills and expertise to offer a myriad of services. Call us and we will arrange expert support services for all your needs.


One size never fits all; call us and we will tailor our services to your exact specifications so you get the most viable solution.

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Our remote team offers us the unparalleled edge of fast scalability of operations. If you are unsure of your budget or hourly requirements, we have flexible monthly as well as 6 and 12-month contracts.

Business VOIP

We use the best available technology and  have partnered with a third-party turnkey business VoIP provider to provide you with enterprise-grade unlimited inbound, outbound VoIP, IVR, voicemail, call recording, call queue, and other features.


The latest tools and techniques are used at IdeasUnlimited to ensure customer retention and an increased lifetime value of customers, to significantly improve the bottom line.

Project Management

Our experienced 24/7 project managers carry out all the necessary training, coordination, reporting, and skill development to ensure optimal project execution.

Training Facilitation

We carry out initial and ongoing training and ensure skill development on products, industries, and services as per the client’s requirements.

Virtual Monitoring Platform

Our on-site and remote workers are monitored and we share the project data with our clients in the form of screenshots, activity levels, app and URL usage, etc. on our virtual monitoring platform. You can be assured of getting what you pay for!

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At IdeasUnlimited, we carry out regular quality assurance checks of our systems and projects to assure that we maintain the highest standards of quality in all that we deliver.

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Our services are competitively priced and the cost savings from working with us guaranteed.

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At IdeasUnlimited we take data protection very seriously, ensuring stringent compliance with European GDPR and PCI Security Standards Council privacy policy.

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