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Use IdeasUnlimited’s 8 years of experience and provide a wide range of support services to your clients, under a white-labeled approach. Build your brand, offer a wider range of services, and provide 24/7 support, all without investing in business expansion. As an IU Affiliate Service Partner, we will provide support services to your clients under your brand name.

Range of White-Labeled Services


We can provide a wide range of white-labeled services to your clients in a variety of different industries:

Customer Support

Multilingual Support

Technical Support

Administrative Support

Backend Support

Ecommerce Support

Operational Support

Virtual Assistant Support

Medical Assistant Support

Legal Assistant Support

Real Estate Assistant Support


Benefits of Partnering with IdeasUnlimited


Becoming an IU Affiliate Service Partner creates new avenues for business growth and development and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Ability to offer a wider range of services to your clients
  2. No extra costs of
    • physically expanding premises
    • hiring more employees of varied skillsets
    • investing in additional infrastructure
    • incurring extra overhead costs
  3. Greater scalability and flexibility of services
  4. Diversification of business interests into newer avenues, reducing business risk
  5. Ability to cater to clients from different parts of the world and speaking different languages with our multilingual virtual assistant and multilingual call center services
  6. Access to turnkey business VoIP solution with basic and advanced features
  7. Seamless integration into your processes and CRM



IdeasUnlimited allows you to choose whether our support services are provided to you from our physical call centers, by our remote workforce, or through a combination of these two. We will assist you in determining the best option for your business’ requirements.

Physical Call Center Support

Remote Support


Physical Call Center Support


We can provide support services to your clients from our physical call centers, where our project managers supervise the workers on location.

Two of our physical call center locations are in the Philippines, with 25 and 50 active seats respectively, and one in Pakistan, where our workers work on-site. We are also equipped and registered to open a 25-seat call center in the USA. The number of seats can be easily scaled up, depending on your needs.

We have a physical call center in General Santos, Philippines

General Santos, Philippines

We have a physical call center in Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio City, Philippines

We are licensed to open a call center in Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

We are licensed to open a call center in Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, USA

Remote Support


Our global remote team is hired from South Asia and other regions

South Asia

Our global remote team is hired from North America and other regions

North America

Our global remote team is hired from South America and other regions

South America

Our global remote team is hired from the Middle East and other regions

Middle East

Our global remote team is hired from Europe and other regions


Alternatively, our white-labeled services can be provided through our remote team, with workers based in South Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. We only hire from certain countries within these regions where we have specialized in labor laws, local legalities, and other relevant work regulations. This remote team offers specialized services and more flexibility in terms of scalability and the ability to fulfill urgent requirements.



You can also opt for a combination of workers in our physical call centers and remote workers to allow you the flexibility of scaling up or down the size of the project based on seasonal or other fluctuations in your business’ volume.

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