At IdeasUnlimited, Global Support Provider, we are redefining the medical business approach with our support services so that you can concentrate on what matters most. Some of these solutions include: medical billing and coding, 24/7 call center support, and medical administrative support.

Additionally, we are committed to providing you with solutions tailored to the needs of your practice to enhance productivity, decrease your expenditure on non-value adding operations, and improve patient care.


IdeasUnlimited has worked with some of these organizations in the industry and is ready to work with more:


Medical Clinics & Centers

Emergency Care

Independent Practioners


Medical Companies

Research Organizations

Laboratories & Diagnostic Clinics

Medical Facilities


With most of our medical support services providers experienced in Electronic Medical Records Management (EMR Management), IdeasUnlimited has a solution for you, whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large organization. The ideas are truly unlimited!

Our services include but are not limited to:

Medical Administrative Support

Our medical administration assistants can step in at any moment to manage daily administrative tasks, communicate with patients, manage referrals, and maintain calendars.

Medical Receptionist

Our call center operator can act as your medical receptionist, fielding calls and making appointments in busy business hours.

Medical Billing & Payment Management

Our remote workforce can help you follow up on patient payments and handle collections.

Medical Coding

IdeasUnlimited frees you from the hassle of medical coding, with our remote workforce efficiently providing this time-consuming support service.

24/7 Call Center Services

We provide 24 hour healthcare call center support, so there are no delays in communicating emergencies to providers, 24/7/365.

Medical Transcription

Professionally formatted reports are created from audio recordings by our remote team to free up your time for value-adding activities. We also offer multilingual transcription services.

Medical Translation

IdeasUnlimited provides multilingual translation services and other backend support, enabling you to cater to patients and clients from various backgrounds.

Insurance Verifications

Don’t waste any more time waiting on hold with insurance providers for insurance verifications; use our call center support services instead.

Now is the time to get your practice on the right path to success. Do not waste another minute contemplating the possibilities and contact us today for more information.

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