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IdeasUnlimited provides optimized global support services, using the best infrastructure and technology to deliver value and improve productivity for its clients. The state-of-the-art call center support and remote work solutions are used to ensure a seamless and efficient service delivery. Some of our prominent infrastructure and technology features are:

Enterprise-Grade Business VOIP

We have partnered with a third-party turnkey business VOIP provider to ensure you get the most up-to-date basic and advanced features of an enterprise-grade PBX in all your projects. Not only is it flexible and scalable, it is fully customizable to your business’ needs and more importantly, it is a reliable system.

The most important features of this business VOIP system have been listed in the figure above, constituting invaluable attributes like unlimited extensions and scalability, minimum upfront capital expenditure, custom dial plan and advance scheduling, unique call flow and failover for any extension, call analytics and much more.

Call Center Support Features

Our third-party business VOIP offers specialized call center support features that will ensure your 24 hour call center operates efficiently, with all the bells and whistles you need for scheduling, data analysis, and future planning.

Call Analytics

Grants insights into call patterns for locations, extensions, agents, and DIDs with customizable graphics and statistical tables.

Queue Call Barge

The supervisor can join in a call when more knowledge or skill is required to fulfill a customer request.

Queue Call Spy

The supervisor can passively monitor calls for quality assurance.

Queue Call Whisper

Allows supervisors to coach new agents on phone skills without the caller knowing.

Unlimited Call Queues

Allows you to use different customizable call queues to direct customers to various departments

Advanced Ring Strategies

You can easily customize steps to follow as well as call paths.

Agent Log In/Log Out

This ensures each customer’s call is expedited to an available agent.

Custom Queue Hold Music/Message

You can customize creative hold message and music to improve your brand image.

Wait Time Announcement

Announce an estimated wait time to callers for greater trust and transparency.

Pre-Call Announcement

Provide agents with pertinent information about the customer before they pick up the call.

Report Caller Hold Time

This provides insight on how long a caller has been on hold to the attending agent.

Escape from Call Queue

Allows callers to escape a queue, redirect to another department, a live operator, or ask for a call back.

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