Affiliate Joint Partnership

IdeasUnlimited offers two main types of Affiliate Joint Partnership programs, with fair and equitable recurring earnings and ongoing involvement. These are ideal for other firms providing similar support services, looking to expand their earnings and take on more clients.

Call Center Partner

Remote Partner

Call Center Partner Program

IdeasUnlimited offers Affiliate Joint Partnership programs for small and large physical call centers, helping them enlarge their client base, work on more call center support projects, and improve their bottom line. Find out how our Affiliate Joint Partnership programs can benefit your physical call center.

Small Call Centers:

Get more projects by partnering with IdeasUnlimited, where you will be providing 24 hour call center support under our brand name. As an IU partner, we will use your call center agents to provide call center support services to our clients, offering you a chance to work with more clients from a wide range of industries. Your small setup will be perfect as a call center for small business projects.

Benefits of Partnering with IdeasUnlimited

These are some benefits of partnering your small call center with IU:

  1. Eliminate the hassle of bidding on new projects
  2. Get more projects
  3. Use IU’s expertise to hone your customer care center support
  4. Work with a broader base of clients
  5. Provide a wider range of call center support services using our third-party business VoIP system

Large Call Centers:

Become an Affiliate Joint Partner and grow your client base and range of customer support services. As an Affiliate Joint Partner, we will provide 24 hour call center support, managed business VoIP, and any other features needed to our mutual clients.

Please refer to our Affiliate Service Partner program if you want white-labeled services.

Benefits of Partnering with IdeasUnlimited

These are some benefits for partnering your large call center with IU:

  1. Ability to take on more clients without
    • physically expanding premises
    • adding more call center agents to your payroll
    • investing in additional infrastructure
    • incurring extra overhead costs
    • investing in extra infrastructure and agents for seasonal projects
  2. Additional source of new clients that come to IdeasUnlimited but require a larger setup
  3. Fast implementation improving ability to service time-sensitive projects
  4. A larger and more loyal client base
  5. A stronger and more visible brand image
  6. Access to turnkey business VoIP solution with basic and advanced features
  7. Multilingual support agents added to your value proposition, reaching a wider client base
  8. Access to a large qualified call center support workforce with a variety of specialties
    • Customer Support
    • Technical Support
    • Backend Support
    • Ecommerce Support
    • Operational Support
    • Virtual Assistant Support
    • Medical Assistant Support
    • Legal Assistant Support
    • Real Estate Assistant Support
    • A combination of the above
  9. Seamless integration into your existing system

Remote Partner Program

Do you have a team of skilled remote workers that specialize in any of the following:

Customer Service

Technical Support

Multilingual Support

Ecommerce Support

Backend Support

Operations Support

Virtual Assistant Support

Become an Affiliate Joint Partner of IdeasUnlimited, provide the resource under our reputable brand name, and we’ll find you the clients.

Benefits of Partnering with IdeasUnlimited

You will reap many short-term and long-term benefits of partnering with our company:

  1. Work on more projects
  2. Free up time spent on finding and cultivating leads
  3. Use IU’s expertise to hone your support services
  4. Work with clients from all over the globe
  5. Provide a wider range of services using our third-party business VoIP system

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