Here are some sample recordings of our current workers to give you a better idea of the type of resources we have.


Non-US Customer Support Representatives
US-Based Support Representatives (Different Industries)
Sales Representatives
Call Center Operators
Bi-Lingual Support Representatives (Spanish)
European Languages Specialists
Backend Support Representatives
Technical Support Representatives
IT Support Representatives
Ecommerce Specialists
Bookkeeping Specialists
Real Estate Specialists
Medical Specialists
Virtual Assistants

Non-US Customer Support Representatives


CSR, Phone, Chat, Content Writing, SMM, Web Content Management, Graphics Design, MS Office


CSR, CRM, Salesforce HelpDesk, Video and Audio Editing, MS Office

Petagaye M

CSR, TSR, Phone, Sales, Data Entry, MS Office

US-Based Support Representatives (Different Industries)

Hannah S

CSR, TSR, Data Entry, Sales, Admin, Chat, Phone Support, Email, Microsoft Office, Spreadsheets

Terrel S

CSR, Admin, Data Entry, Typing, Sales, Tech Support, Photoshop, MS Excel, Word

Sales Representatives

Anah K

CSR, Sales, Admin, Nutritionist, Team Manager

Jelyn D

English plus Filipino CSR, Phone Support, Sales, Chat, Telemarketing, MS Office

Chessica M

CSR, Sales, Admin, MS Office, Google Docs

Call Center Operators

Maria C

CSR, Email, Article Writing, Admin, Appointment Setting, TSR, MS Office

Klariz G

CSR, Sales, Blog Writing, MS Office

Bilingual Support Representatives (Spanish)

Rene P

English plus Spanish CSR, Technical Support, Chat, Email, Admin, MS Office, Quickbooks

Fernando J

English plus Spanish CSR, Phone, Email, Chat, Technical Support, MS Office

European Languages Specialists

Katja – German

English plus German CSR, Research, Phone, Email, Chat, Photo Editor, MS Office

Nela H Swedish

English plus Swedish CSR, Admin, Data Entry, MS Word, Excel

Kine D – Norwegian, Danish, Swedish

English, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Swedish CSR, Translation, HTML coding, WordPress, Zendesk

Karoliina Z – Finnish

English plus Finnish plus Serbian CSR, Admin, Marketing, MS Office, WordPress

Samuel S – Portuguese

English plus Portuguese CSR, Phone, Email, Chat, MS Office

Elizabeth S – French

CSR, Data Entry, Admin, Technical Support, Quality Assurance, MS Office

Julia S -Swedish, Norwegian

English plus Norwegian plus Swedish CSR, MS Office

Jana R – Czech

English plus Czech CSR, Admin, Data Entry, MS Office

Satu L – Finnish

English Plus Finnish CSR, Sales, Phone, Email, Chat, MS Office

Juhani A -Finnish, Spanish

English plus Finnish plus Spanish CSR, Inbound Marketing Research, Sales, Amazon, MS Office

Isto A – Finnish, Russian

English plus Finnish plus Russian CSR, Phone, Chat, Email, Translation, MS Word, Excel

Backend Support Representatives

Therese H

Backend Support, CSR, Admin, Data Entry, Research, SMM, MS Office, Photoshop, WordPress

Jari D

Backend Support, Admin, CSR, MS Office, SAP

Technical Support Representatives

Erika R

CSR, Technical Support, Retail, MS Office

Ralph M

CSR, Technical Support, Admin, Email, Phone, Chat, Data Entry, MS Office

IT Support Representatives


WordPress Developer, Software Quality Assurance, Xhtml, CSS, Shopify, Photoshop

Bojan K

IT Support, Marketing VA, SMM, Office Work, Video Editing, WordPress, MS Office

Ecommerce Specialists


English plus Filipino CSR, Data entry, Research, SMM, Telemarketing, Ecommerce, Order Processing


CSR, Phone Support, Email, Data Management, Ecommerce, MS Office, CRM

Bookkeeping Specialists

Charity I

CSR, Admin, Email, HR, Payroll, Data Entry, Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, MS Office

Gracia A

Bookkeeping, Final Reporting, Payroll Processing, Quickbooks, Photoshop

Real Estate Specialists

Regine K

Real Estate VA, CSR, Admin, Data Entry, Phone, Chat, Email, MS Word, Excel

David P

Real Estate VA, CSR, Admin, MS Office

Medical Specialists

Teona F

Medical VA, CSR, Data Entry, Lab Testing, MS Office

Jaymarie C

Medical VA, CSR, Data Entry, Quality Control, QuickBase, Kareo, Desk, SocialExpo, MS Office

Virtual Assistants

Vanessa W

VA, CSR, Admin, Telemarketing, Chat, Email, SMM, MS Office, WordPress, CRM

Stela Mai

VA, CSR, Data Entry, Sales, Billing, Admin, MS Office

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