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Recruitment Scams

IdeasUnlimited has encountered various recruitment scams. In these activities, organizations or people will pose as IdeasUnlimited employees and offer job opportunities using text messaging or platforms such as Chatwork and Microsoft Teams. They will also offer fake documentations with the goal of gaining personal information or money from job applicants.

If you believe that you have encountered one of these recruitment scams, then our advice for you is to stop all communication with them and not share any personal information.

How to Detect Recruitment Scams

The best way to identify recruitment scammers is by understanding our recruitment process.

IdeasUnlimited has a thorough multi-staged recruitment process which includes audio/video interviews (over Skype, Google Meet or Zoom) and assessments. Short listed candidates receive additional interview calls before an offer is made. During this process, all communication from IdeasUnlimited will come from our ‘’ or ‘’ domain. We never request personal information or fees during the entire process which can take up to 2-3 weeks.

If the contact who reached out to you does not resemble the above, there is a good chance you’ve encountered a recruitment scammer. They will often reach out to you and offer jobs while urgently requesting personal details or payments.

Email address is the best way to identify scammers since they will not be using our official domain (‘’ or ‘’). Because of this, recruitment scammers prefer to use text or chat services instead.

How to Respond

If you believe you have identified a recruitment scammer, be sure to take the following steps:

  • Do not share any personal information or transfer funds
  • Block all communication with the scammer
  • If they are using an online platform, be sure to report them on the website for malicious activity
  • You can report the incident to ‘’. Send any evidence that you’ve gathered (screenshots, images, emails, account names, etc.)
  • Consider reporting the incident to your local authorities such as the cybercrime division

IdeasUnlimited has already taken steps to thwart recruitment scammers and are constantly monitoring this situation. We encourage job seekers to act as the first line of defense against these malicious activities by staying vigilant for fraudulent online behavior and reporting them. Together, we can make a safe environment for job applicants around the world.