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Enhance your medical support services with IdeasUnlimited! Our professionally trained agents are ready to assist you and your clients round-the-clock.


Healthcare Industry Support Services

The medical industry demands 24/7 responsiveness while maintaining a high standard of quality. With over a decade of award-winning business support expertise, IdeasUnlimited can assist any medical facility with handling client calls, managing schedules, assisting doctors with operational activities, and much more. More importantly, we value confidentiality and client data as much as doctors.


IdeasUnlimited is fully capable of appointment scheduling, communicating with patients, managing referrals, and other operational activities for medical institutions. Our goal is to streamline daily operations to help clients in the medical industry focus on delivering exceptional medical services. Our team is specially trained to work with medical professionals and understands their needs.

Our call centers operate throughout the day and for every time zone. This gives us a unique advantage of being capable of working with all types of medical institutions where being available at a moment’s notice is key. Our trained call center agents are skilled at working with patients, medical suppliers, and doctors in order to maintain thorough communication among all parties.

For insurance providers and medical facilities that collaborate with HMO’s, IdeasUnlimited is capable of providing all manner of insurance verification and processing services. Our staff are well-acquainted with medical insurance practices and the legal requirements in order to carry out insurance services. Whether it’s a solo practitioner or a hospital, IdeasUnlimited is ready and able to become your support provider.

Being proficient in all manner of accounting tools such as Quickbooks, IdeasUnlimited support staff can help you manage your payments and billing. With our finance staff working simultaneously with all our other support agents, we ensure that your transactions are handled punctually and professionally. If you’re looking to improve the speed and accuracy of your medical billing activities, look no further than IdeasUnlimited.


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