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Marking a Milestone

IdeasUnlimited is a collection of global expertise collaborating with each other in order to deliver industry-leading support services. A vital part of its network is the Philippines branch that forms the backbone of the firm’s call center service. To bookend a successful 2022, IdeasUnlimited held its year-end event in the Philippines which was focused on highlighting the unwavering effort and commitment of its team members.

Philippines is home to three IdeasUnlimited call center facilities in different cities. Workers from the centers joined the event to take part in the celebration. The teams radiated energy and exuberance, setting the tone for an exciting day. The ceremony was full of cheers from the workers as they rejoiced at the completion of yet another year for the company. Aside from reminiscing about past year’s progress, the teams also took part in activities that highlighted their synergy and dedication. It turned out to be both exciting and entertaining for the participants.

Furthermore, the event was a showcase of the vibrant Filipino traditions and the diversity of the IdeasUnlimited team. The company has always embraced cultures and talents from all over the world. The 2022 Year-end event proved to be a great demonstration of this core value.

Over more than a decade, the Phillipines team has shown immense growth in terms of their capabilities which has placed IdeasUnlimited high on the list of some of the best call center service providers in the world. To honor their contributions, workers were given a chance to take the mic during a sharing session. Many IdeasUnlimited members seized this opportunity to tell their life story, motivate the team, and offer career advice. One of the workers, Maria, was kind enough to share a slice of wisdom:

“‘Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.’ With that said, it can be what you read into life itself that gives it its meaning. These three essential elements are what have kept me going since day one here.” – Maria, CSR

We also had Ryan who provided an insight into his time at IdeasUnlimited:

“Working with Ideas Unlimited gave me a different perspective. When you focus on positivity and gratefulness, grace steps in. There will be roadblocks and challenges to encounter but you will surpass it when you prioritize what needs to be accomplished.” – Ryan, CSR

Celebrating Diversity & Growth

It was not just the Philippines team present at the venue, the event was also attended by some of the US team members including Founder and CEO Shahzad Yaqoob as well as the Operations Executive Ahmed Raza.

To conclude the evening, Shahzad Yaqoob took the stage to express his profound gratitude for every single worker in the team. Aside from sharing the vision for IdeasUnlimited’s future, Shahzad also touched on the importance of personal growth as an individual.

“In the year leading up to today, we observed outstanding performances by the IdeasUnlimited teams across the world. The IU Philippines team has managed to stand out due to their remarkable efforts during 2022. It is incredible to see that despite the challenges posed by COVID, the team has not only survived, but thrived and grown. I see this as an amazing display of potential and feel that the team will continue to prosper and overcome challenges of the future.” – Shahzad Yaqoob, Founder & CEO

IdeasUnlimited has always strived to be a platform for people to improve professionally. To commemorate the efforts of the workers, awards were distributed which highlighted outstanding performances in different disciplines. Furthermore, many workers shared their journey within the company and the impact it has had on their lives. One of them was Allena Cruz, IdeasUnlimited Philippines regional manager, who was kind enough to share the following:

“It’s amazing to see the growth of our company through the years all because of everyone’s hard work and dedication. We have achieved this milestone because of one goal – to always strive for excellence.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support despite the challenges that we have overcome. Thank you Nick for the opportunities that you continuously provide our hometown. Let’s look forward to great things to come!” – Allena Cruz, Regional Manager

Aiming for the Future

With IdeasUnlimited now approaching its 14th year as a global support service provider, the team now sets its sights on making 2023 even more prosperous. A core philosophy of the organization is to provide workers with the tools, opportunities, and knowledge to position them for success. One of the best ways for a company to serve its clients better is by valuing its workforce. The 2022 year-end event is a clear representation of that philosophy. IdeasUnlimited looks forward to continuing this tradition the following year as well.

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