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Houston— Dec 20th, IdeasUnlimited celebrated its 10th anniversary with many of its workers from all over the world. IdeasUnlimited Founder & CEO, Shahzad Yaqoob (Nick) marked the occasion by thanking workers from all over the world including the United States; highlighting the many achievements IdeasUnlimited has accomplished over the last decade. IdeasUnlimited year-end events are usually an opportunity to gather together in person but due to Covid-19, the company decided to hold a virtual event for the safety of its workers.

“This milestone is a blessing and congratulations to everyone who is part of IdeasUnlimited.” said Shahzad Yaqoob (Nick), Founder & CEO of IdeasUnlimited, LLC.

Positive Impact for Clients & Their Customers

IdeasUnlimited has surpassed over 4000 successful projects for over 400 clients in ten years. The company has established itself as an experienced global 24/7 support services provider in a variety of industries such as e-commerce, real estate, medical, construction, retail, technology, and more.

In 2014, IdeasUnlimited was ranked in the top 5 remote service providing firms on a major online freelancing platform (“Elance” which is now known as “Upwork”). In 2019, IdeasUnlimited was awarded the top Houston company for call center and business support services by Clutch.

IdeasUnlimited support services cover customer support, technical support, and multilingual support with both inbound and outbound call center options. This award-winning support includes 24-hour coverage, omnichannel capability, the ability to have US-based workers during the daytime, and overseas workers overnight. In addition, IdeasUnlimited also offers cost-effective packages with flexibility and fast ramp-up options for any size of the company. With the experienced and skilled human capital working in the call center locations as well as remotely, we are perfectly positioned to handle any size of project.

Please read the case studies below of the two companies that IdeasUnlimited has assisted in becoming established corporations in the eCommerce and digital technology industry:

Pat-Patting to Success

How TravelWifi Went Global

A Decade of Award-Winning Service

IdeasUnlimited has accomplished an incredible milestone of a decade of award-winning support services globally with an expanding workforce and best-in-class technology and software applications. They are eagerly looking forward to furthering opportunities for growth and expansion in the U.S. and around the world.

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