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Celebrating a Successful Year

In February 2023, IdeasUnlimited capped off 2022 at the annual Year-end event that was held virtually. With workers joining in from all over the world, the global team celebrated the successful completion of 12 years as a company. Founded in 2010, IdeasUnlimited began as a support service provider which expanded worldwide over the course of its history.

2023’s year-end event was a homage to the individuals that make up the IdeasUnlimited team. The group recognized outstanding performances, standout roles and shared career stories. IdeasUnlimited’s philosophy is that by uplifting its workforce, it can better serve its clients. This year-end event was built upon that belief and was dedicated to the contributions of our workers.

Promoting a Culture of Positivity and Growth

IdeasUnlimited prides itself in having a robust team of exceptional and talented workers. Therefore, we praise the journeys everyone has taken to reach success in their careers, and be satisfied with the growth they are exposed to. It is important to us that our workers know that every bit of contribution towards their personal growth and the organization is seen, heard, appreciated, and rewarded. A company full of happy workers is a company geared towards success.
To commemorate outstanding workers, the virtual event also dedicated a section for awards. There were many categories for these awards, all aimed at highlighting how different members of our team uniquely contributed in the previous year. For example, the “Rising Star” title was given to the worker who performed outstandingly despite being a new addition. The company’s passion to celebrate these achievements was shared by the attending members who were jubilant and cheerful with each award announcement.

Participants were also given the opportunity to share their career stories and talk about how IdeasUnlimited impacted their professional lives. On one occasion, Huda, from the HR department, was kind enough to share her journey over the past few years:

“Working with IdeasUnlimited has helped me overcome many professional challenges; because if I compare myself 3 years back, I can see how much I have developed professionally with regards to my work” – Huda, Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist

From our Philippines team, Ivy was also kind enough to share her thoughts on IdeasUnlimited’s work culture:

“Shahzad envisioned a company that values diversity, fosters growth and collaboration, and promotes excellence from day one. As workers, we have embraced this vision and have personally witnessed numerous opportunities for both personal and professional growth within IdeasUnlimited.” – Ivy, Payroll Executive

For many, IdeasUnlimited served as an exciting new opportunity which opened doors to the diverse world of remote work. While work-from-home has certainly increased dramatically in the last few years, IdeasUnlimited has had many team members contributing remotely for more than 10 years. Our company has always strived to be a platform for talent growth.

Furthermore, the year-end event was also an opportunity for the team to recognize outstanding performances. From rising stars to team players, there were many great examples that stood out for the year 2022 among various teams within the company.

“The IdeasUnlimited team has created an unbreakable foundation for an organization that is destined for great things. If the last 12 years are any kind of proof, then I’m confident that IdeasUnlimited is on course for another 12 years filled with milestones.” – Shahzad Yaqoob, Founder & CEO

Looking Forward

IdeasUnlimited now sets its sights on 2023. After the bolstering developments of last year, the company is now positioned for another successful year. With the growth of the support services industry and rise of remote business integration, our firm is committed to providing support services to help elevate startups and enterprises all over the globe.

After another successful year, IdeasUnlimited now looks forward to 2023 as being another prosperous chapter for our organization.

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